Margaret Saul
Limited Edition Botanical Prints

Magnolia grandiflora botanical prints and watercolor painting
Detail of Eucalyptus ficifolia botanical prints and watercolor painting
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Margaret Saul © 2005
Cornus florida
Botanical Prints Yellow Mangosteen Atractocarpus fitzalanii 44x34 cm (17"x13") $150
Hernandia bivalvis
Hernandia bivalvis (Grease nut tree) 43x35 cm (17"x14") $120
Eucalyptus ficifolia x
Botanical Print Eucalytpus ficifolia x ptychocarpa "Summer Beauty" 53x43 cm (21"x17") $180
Elaeocarpus angustifolius
Botanical Print Elaeocarpus angustifolius (Blue Quandong) 55x43 cm (21.5"x17") $180
Sterculia quadrifida
Sterculia quadrifida (Peanut Tree) 55x43 cm (21.5"x17") $180
Magnolia grandiflorum
Magnolia grandiflora 50x43 cm (20"x17") $180
Exquisite botanical prints from paintings by botanical artist, Margaret Saul. Many of Margaret's paintings have been issued as limited edition fine art prints. Although these beautiful prints are currently not available for sale you are invited to take time to view and then click on each of them again to see a selected section in detail.  
Please click on the images for larger and detailed views
 Elaeocarpus watercolor
Camellia japonica "Lady Vanstatt" limited edition print 13.5" x 12.5" $120
Camellia japonica "Lady Vanstatt" #1 open edition print 8" x 10" $30
Camellia japonica "Lady Vanstatt" #2 open edition print 8" x 10" $30
Camellia japonica "Lady Vanstatt" #3 open edition print 8" x 10" $30
Camellia japonica" Lady Vansittart
Camellia japonica #1
Camellia japonica #2
Camellia japonica #3
Nymphaea gigantea Australian Native Waterlilies 43x43 cm (17"x17") $120
Nymphaea gigantea
Dayflower Commelina communis 31x31 cm (12"x12") $140
Commelina communis
Trillium grandiflorum 47x43 cm (19"x17") $150
Trillium grandiflorum
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Cornus florida (Pink Dogwood) 56x43 cm (22"x17") $180
Atractocarpus fitzalanii

Botanical Prints

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