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Eucalypyus ficifolia x ptychocarpa

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detail Ecalyptus watercolour painting and botanical print
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Eucalyptus ficifolia x ptychocarpa limited edition print
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A client from The Netherlands who wished to have a painting of a typical Australian plant commissioned this painting in 2000 while
viewing a painting of a pink flowering eucalypt I was currently working on for an avid collector of botanical art, Dr. Shirley Sherwood.  
The vibrant orange-red of the flower clusters under a bright Australian sky and the beautiful form of the urn-shaped fruits of this plant
were the main elements within the subject that generated the creative energy during the many hours it took to finally complete this
work. As all stages of fruit development were also evident on this small tree I worked the composition to include this wonderful array
of form and color while carefully adding extra flowers and buds during this “composition stage” in order to improve the flow of mass
and line within the painting.  The large, mature woody fruits yet to see their small delicate seeds dispersed were attached to older
branches.  Its leathery-textured leaves of dark green above and paler green beneath were edged with a light green rib and their tips
looked as if they had been dipped in the red of its flowers; as too the stems of its immature fruits.  Here the concept of my limited
palette worked well for creating the unity of color so evident throughout the plant.

This specimen is in a group of plants previously classified as Eucalyptus that were recently  reclassified as Corymbia.

Media: Water-based paints and color pencil on Arches paper.  Just three tubes of pigment were used to mix the full range of unified
watercolor best suited for this plant subject. Size of original: 42cm X 30cm (16½ “ X 11 ¾ “).  Subject portrayed at natural size.
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Margaret Saul © 2005
Eucalyptus ficifolia x
"Summer Beauty"
53x43 cm (21"x17")

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