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Yellow Mangosteen
Atractocarpus fitzalanii

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Limited edition Yellow Mangosteen Atractocarpus fitzalanii print
Atractocarpus fitzalanii
43x34 cm (17"x13")
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A creation born of Australian tropical rainforest this rounded gravid fruit, somewhat pear like in appearance, holds fast to the gnarled branch providing its sustenance where previously its delicate white flower bloomed once protected by large, lush leaves since fallen.  Other mature leaves, whose shapes innocently mimic the roundness of this solitary fruit, outlive them.  A ripening fruit on scarred branches, a new leaf bud, all speak of nature’s endless cycle - a statement created in this work through lucid compositional simplicity.

Image area: 43x31.8 cm (17"x12.5") Watercolor and color pencil on Fabriano Uno watercolor paper.

The original painting is available for purchase.
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Margaret Saul © 2006
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