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Sterculia quadrifida

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Peanut Tree Sterculia print
Sterculia quadrifida
(Peanut Tree)
55x43 cm (21.5"x17")

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I composed this painting by using living plant material from two trees, one growing by a creek near my home in Brisbane,
Australia while the cluster of four fruits was found on a specimen tree in the Australian Rainforest Garden at the Brisbane Botanic
Gardens, Mt. Coot-tha.  This native tree species, which is in no way related to the herbaceous legume plant that bears peanuts,
grows in mixed forest and rainforest in eastern and northern Australia and Papua New Guinea.  Its fascinating hairy flowers,
which would become the following year’s fruit, seemed not unlike the shape and color of the brass bells that are often used in
Asia to decorate elephants. The dark seeds with their bluish bloom are edible and the Aborigines used the bark to make string for
crafting tools and fishing nets.

This painting was commissioned by Dr. Shirley Sherwood (UK) in 1994 and published in her book, Contemporary Botanical
Artists: The Shirley Sherwood Collection, Weidenfeld & Nicolson (1996).

Media: Water-based paints and color pencil on Arches paper.   42cm X 30cm (16½ “ X 11 ¾ “).  Subject portrayed at natural size.
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