arrangement of the flowers.  The younger plants, mostly toned in graphite, help to connect the angular elements and reflect on the trilliums’ fascinating life cycle.  Overall, the design facilitates an uninterrupted visual flow of discovery, expressing delight in an unforgettable encounter. 

Original image area: 46x40 cm (18"x15") Watercolor and color pencil on Fabriano artistico watercolor paper.

The original painting is available for purchase.

 Large-flowered Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) 

Trillium Print

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Margaret Saul © 2006
We slowly rounded a bend of Skyline Drive in a forested section of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia as an ascending curtain of mist revealed a glorious spring greeting.  Before us was a lush green carpet dotted in pink and white native trilliums with color of leaves and flowers as clear and fresh as the mountain air. Upon closer viewing we realized their flowers opened white, becoming dusted with yellow pollen then turned a glorious rose pink as anthers emptied.  Carefully stepping our way between these plants seemed like an exercise in calisthenics as my husband searched for the most robust specimens to photograph and I settled on a comfortable mossy log to accurately record a stand of these beauties, still shining wet from a recent spring shower. These plants held even greater fascination for me once learning of their tenacious though precarious hold on life where fertile seeds take two years to germinate and a further six years to flower; then adding to their plight, they are a favorite food of White-tailed Deer that abound in this area!

As the composition morphed in my studio I found the angular structure of the leaves provided a pleasing contrast to the more subtle free flowing circular movement in the  

Margaret Saul
Limited Edition Botanical Prints
Trillium grandiflorum

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Limited edition Trillium grandiflorum print
Trillium grandiflorum
47x43 cm (19"x17")
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